clipped productshot for engineering in the galvanic and stamping industrie

The product convinces

Right here: Photographic craftsmanship at it´s best.
That is demanded here. Not photographic Schnick and certainly no Schnack.
As precise as your products, with the details that matter.
This requires not only photographic skills, but also an understanding of the technology. An industrial photographer should have it, we have it. This is not an empty statement. During a visit to our studio, you will discover a number of things that have been inspired by our extensive experience in industrial photography. For example, all the furniture in our photo studio is based on industrial profiles. And you will hardly find a studio that has a 3D printer and a portal milling machine. ( Certainly not comparable with your machinery 😉 ).
Why we as industrial photographers invest time and money for it is simply explained: Fascination of the technology, because of the understanding of your work and the possibility to build us aids which one cannot buy in such a way. But we need them if we want to realize ideas in the industry in a qualified and rational way. One of the most important projects of the past years was a step lens for travelling light that can be controlled via radio via 3 axes. Provided that an overhead crane is used, a complete production plant can be immersed in dramatic light with reasonable use of equipment and time.

Deep drawing, punching, cold forming, cnc turning, water jet cutting, eroding, flat grinding, circular grinding, non-circular grinding, spraying, casting, galvanizing, bending, forming, sealing, printing, plastering, bricklaying, removing, cutting – have I forgotten something?
A lot: ultrasound, lasering, gluing … . We would get the page perfect. There is hardly an area in industry, service or handicraft that we have not yet supplied with fresh, expressive industrial photographs.
We are at home in technology and have been to our customers almost everywhere in the world.
Here you will find the photographic cross-section of our entire work as industrial photographers:

Macrophotography and micro photography

Those who, like us, are also strongly represented in the jewellery and watch sector, have the necessary equipment to be able to reproduce such requirements precisely and sharply.
In addition to specially calculated lenses, the so-called micro and macro lens techniques in hardware and software come into play, which originate from microscopy photography.
Stacker rails with servo drive on stepper motor basis and the corresponding software to be able to calculate the high number of single images in an overall image.

The result: crisp, high-resolution industrial images of the smallest objects that are otherwise impossible. With precisely defined blur for focusing on the decisive feature.
With the decisive advantage over microscope photography:
The perspectives are freely selectable and it is possible to set the light far beyond the typical ring light.
On the right you can see, simplified, a small section of such a stack, the plug contact has a length of about 12mm, the image is even suitable for full-surface imaging on a trade fair stand.

You can find a cross-section of our entire photography for industry here:

A can is a can …

You might think so, but it’s not like that.
With fresh ideas, props if needed or through a cool composing:
the box becomes the right drive of the ISS ;-), the plug contact moves in the room, the component becomes a pop.
Industrial photography as image photography is diverse, lively, independent.
It stands out from the product illustration of the market companion. Positioned, creates a value and an impression for which you and your product stand.
It remains in memory because it is special. That’s why industrial photography is always longed for by an expert, the industrial photographer.

With understanding and technical knowledge, image photography is the icing on the cake that introduces the product shots in your portfolio. It can usually best be implemented in the photo studio photographically. But if it is too big and too heavy, we also come to you. The equipment is ready, wandering light, so to speak.

You can find a cross-section of our entire photography for industry here:

Portraits of the employees give your company a face

One of our strengths is definitely authentic portraits of employees.
Photographed in the work environment, in the studio. Portraits create an invaluable reference of the future customer or employee to your company.
Reflect the commitment, the cordiality and the joy of your team in what they do every day and reliably.
Industrial portraits are the bridge from the technical precision work to the person who thinks and understands. It is also described as business photography.

In essence, it is always about the person, his task, his passion and his pleasure in what he does.
We capture these impressions with our photographic skills, because as industrial photographers we do not only know a lot about technology, we also understand the people behind it:
Therefore, first and foremost, the “correct” tool does not belong to the equipment of an industrial photographer.  It is not the megamillion heavy pixel bolides that are decisive or the headlight of the best photo light manufacturer. Empathy, technical and, above all, human understanding are decisive for the work. Good pictures are then produced as if by themselves.
And because we combine that with the perfect tools …  the results are the same as in our portfolio.

You can find a cross-section of our entire photography for industry here:

website, image brochure …

We’d love to come and see you. There is no other way.
Meaningful reports about your company. Presentation of your strengths.
The speed of your logistics, the organisation of your work preparation, the precision of your production, the qualified assembly … .
We see details that nobody can see. We capture photographic impressions of your work with our cameras. We visually convey the commitment and team spirit in your company to your potential customers and future employees.  Because we always deal with what you do. Incoming.

And only then is it photographed – as precisely as a Swiss watch movement.
That’s what we mean by industrial photography.
And it doesn’t matter whether you are based in Cologne, Pforzheim, Stuttgart or Karlsruhe. No way is too far for a good project.
Whether you deep-draw, punch, plaster, manufacture the smallest dental products or whether your rollers pave our way. We come, take a close look at what you do and what distinguishes your performance.
Make non-binding suggestions and then implement them precisely and purposefully with you as our partner.
Of course even if you do not find yourself in the above list. Our customers come from all areas, not only those that are clearly industry related. Even the hotel industry in the northern Black Forest region, from Pforzheim to far behind Freudenstadt, relies on us. The fact that customers in industry and trade predominate is probably due to the aficionadoship of our bosses to technology. Wherever an engine goes, an engine has to go. At least over 8 axles ;-).
You would like to see examples of our work which fit to your area – no problem, contact us, there is hardly an area in which we were or are not yet active. Our customer loyalty is 100%. That is not a lie.

You can find a cross-section of our entire photography for industry here:

Video killed the radio star  …

Who was it ? 😉
Honestly, here we are also not 100% saddle-fast. They were The Buggles, we had to look up … .
But when it comes to video we are saddle-bound.
But we are also honest: Video can cost.
But: Video gives the field service explanation means to the hand which convince simply. The customer sees at a glance how he can get his production going.
If it doesn’t get blurred and blurred, he likes to look at it. While you can sit next to it in silence.

And with us as industrial photographers, you have a partner at hand who can deliver both in one action: Industrial photography and industrial video.
Which really keeps the additional costs and effort within bounds.
You don’t have to go online, you don’t have to inspire your competitors. We are preparing this for Ipad and Android. Off you go on the tray and off you go. Or mobile phone. We make everything possible.
Starting from 4K with Tilt Shift to place blur already at the video shoot where really nobody should look. With slider for dynamic camera movements and a lot of video light.
Why are there few such videos to be seen here?
We take the interests of our industrial customers very, very seriously. And these videos are too good. The know-how should not go overseas, the brain lard stays in the house. That’s why many a highlight is only shown in a personal conversation and if necessary after consultation with the client.
Many of these videos are by the way nevertheless in the net. They can be released directly by the client for the potential customer and also be blocked again. That is a mouse-click.

You can find a cross-section of our entire photography for industry here:

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