clipped productshot for engineering in the galvanic and stamping industrie

The product convinces

Right here: Photographic craftsmanship at it´s best.
That is demanded here. Not photographic Schnick and certainly no Schnack.
As precise as your products, with the details that matter.
This requires not only photographic skills, but also an understanding of the technology. An industrial photographer should have it, we have it. This is not an empty statement. During a visit to our studio, you will discover a number of things that have been inspired by our extensive experience in industrial photography. For example, all the furniture in our photo studio is based on industrial profiles. And you will hardly find a studio that has a 3D printer and a portal milling machine. ( Certainly not comparable with your machinery 😉 ).
Why we as industrial photographers invest time and money for it is simply explained: Fascination of the technology, because of the understanding of your work and the possibility to build us aids which one cannot buy in such a way. But we need them if we want to realize ideas in the industry in a qualified and rational way. One of the most important projects of the past years was a step lens for travelling light that can be controlled via radio via 3 axes. Provided that an overhead crane is used, a complete production plant can be immersed in dramatic light with reasonable use of equipment and time.

Deep drawing, punching, cold forming, cnc turning, water jet cutting, eroding, flat grinding, circular grinding, non-circular grinding, spraying, casting, galvanizing, bending, forming, sealing, printing, plastering, bricklaying, removing, cutting – have I forgotten something?
A lot: ultrasound, lasering, gluing … . We would get the page perfect. There is hardly an area in industry, service or handicraft that we have not yet supplied with fresh, expressive industrial photographs.
We are at home in technology and have been to our customers almost everywhere in the world.
Here you will find the photographic cross-section of our entire work as industrial photographers:

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