Jewellery Photographer / Product Photographer

Website, webshops, sales documents. Where do you not need these product photos on white or black? From a photographer’s point of view it shows whether you can do your craft or whether the end result looks great because the design substitutes the missing expertise of the jewellery photographer.
Our customer list in this area is long, it includes well-known companies as well as goldsmiths from the Pforzheim region.

Our jewellery pictures are crisp and sharp, perfect in contrast and sharpness.
We offer everything from A to Z:

  • Logistics
  • Photography
  • Namation
  • image processing
  • preparation for the respective application in exactly the right size.

Virtually everything ready to use, no reworking, no renaming to the correct article number, no time-consuming cutting to the specified size.

You can find a cross-section of our entire jewellery photography here:

Jewellery photography with atmosphere

Pictures that tell a story pick up the viewer. Wake feelings, inspire, make desire …
There is no need to write any more.
Or is it?
Then about our prop service, about our planning which makes a reliable result possible, about the whole drum drum – which is not relevant either: We suggest, determine and you get what we have discussed.

The result: crisp, emotional, valuable. For the title of your customer magazine, for the landing page of your web shop, for your ad for the editorial.
Sometimes you have to be able to dream a little, not just photograph.
After all, we also photograph dreams … .

Here you can find a cross-section of our entire photography for goldsmiths, jewellery manufacturers and jewellers, the entire jewellery industry:

Jewellery photography on model …

The perfect symbiosis of product and image photography with jewellery.
When the photographer and his team can.
If we couldn’t, we wouldn’t have the customer loyalty we have.
If we weren’t bubbling over with ideas here, we wouldn’t be doing it.
Show us where your heart lies and we deliver.

Not only what is self-evident: the ideas, the photography of jewellery and models.
We organize model, stylist, determine the location and our image processing ensures the perfect image processing.

You can find a cross-section of our entire jewellery photography here:

Schmuck Fotografie für Online Shop

retouch and image editing

Biiiiiig, biiiggger, this is the internet. It is precisely here that the small processing deficiencies appear that are simply unavoidable. They are so small that they are not relevant to the original.
You don’t like to hear that, but that’s honest.
And we are honest, there are, also depending on the price range, limits in the production.
And there are hand samples that have passed through many hands before they come to us.
We make sure that your product keeps its character and quality full screen or zoomed on the smartphone.

Our image editing offers:
Retouching, colour corrections, photomontages, clipping, preparation of image data for print and internet

You can find a cross-section of our jewellery photography for webshops, jewellery dealers and manufacturers here:

ESCADA Schmuckfoto für Presskit

Photography for social media

Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.
Today you should dance at all weddings as a jewelry manufacturer or jewelry retailer. Says the advertising, says the sales department, says the daughter.
And honestly, without it it won’t work today and the trend will increase. But it has not been a trend for a long time. Just where do the pictures come from? Where do the ideas come from? Where does the time come from?

Real Eppelt 😉
We are born for it, we deliver the snapshots which have this authentic touch, we deliver in a quality which is suitable with a further fine tuning also for the care of the website. In a price-performance ratio that fits perfectly to it.
Many of our customers already use this for themselves, take up the full service up to the account maintenance with us.

You can find a cross-section of our jewellery photography here:

Movement makes gold shine

Filming, that’s what we’ve been doing for a long time. We mainly create image clips and application films for industry.
Recently we have also begun to venture into the cinematic presentation of jewellery. Admittedly, this is a completely different challenge. It’s not just a matter of that. To hold a camera on it and let it run is not. We do not only have the 4K resolution in the camera and for the special macro lenses you need for jewelry videos. We are the only specialist for jewellery photography with the perfect slidersystem which allows you to slide the camera perfectly and reproducibly over and past the necklace or the earring.

we would like to present this system to you in action.

By the way, you can find a cross-section of all areas for which we photograph jewellery here:


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