The photostudio

For us at the hub of the world.
In the Black Forest.
In Straubenhardt.
Exactly in D-75334 Straubenhardt, district Conweiler.
Because we belong exactly there, because here we find and have everything we need for our work: UPS, DHL, FEDEX, Internet, Skype, excellent facilities, dear, helpful people.
And: peace and quiet. Peace and quiet, to develop ideas for you, which have it in themselves.
Because here we can concentrate on your task and Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Strasbourg and the jewellery stronghold of Pforzheim can be reached quickly.

We have all the resources a professional photo designer and photographer needs. We don’t do everything, but what we do, we do right.
With heart and soul.
That’s why this “province” is the navel of the world for us.

You will find the portfolios, the short but concise cross-sections of our fields of activity, in the links below. From these pages you can also easily reach the editorial pages of the respective areas. There you will find detailed descriptions of our working methods. The links are below the pictures.
FOTOGRAFIE e-commerce and retail

Our special field is besides jewellery photography watch photography and industrial photography. In order to do particular justice to these two photographic topics, we have 2 special pages for it: Watch photography and Industrial photography Man TECHNIC Fascination Photography. Chronography presents as a website our watch photography and MTFF stands for mankind, tecnic, fascination photography.

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