Christian Eppelt - Photographer - WELCOME TO OUR TIME Let me show you samples of our watchphotography
- done for advertisement and socialmedia.

Christian Eppelt
STORIES tell a story
and the people will listen to you
advertisement is imagination
EXPRESSION Abstraction, keeps in mind. SPORTS Done in studio ,
Roamer Watch - social media photo by Echt Eppelt WORLDWIDE Webshop and Socialmedia
done again in studio.
FEELING Socialmediashot for JDM ATTRACTION Advertising shot - dedicated light &
highend retouch
PHYSICAL feel it, grab it, get in.
A question of perspective.
PRESENT Everywhere, reduced
with playground for imaginations.
10:00 AM Start with an impression in the day
Roamer R-Line watch 10:00 PM End with an impression the day
to be continued ... Established 1994 ,
we produce advertisement pictures for clients all over the world.

For my opinion, to look back is sometimes good,
keeps the memory, force the learning.

But at all,
I prefer looking in future, means developement
and showing you the possibilities in your best pieces. Let´s go together this way.

Best Regards in the name of my team

Christian Eppelt

Well, some additional informations:
All pictures you see are regular works, no finetuned “free works”. Some of the watches contain small scratches, sometimes even dust.
These watches are nearly like they arrived. Cleaned as good as possible. But without the claim of highend.
These pictures had been shot and licensed for socialmedia use only. Small, with a short time of impression.
We store this pictures for other needs and do the work, on an additional fee, in the moment you need them.
Saves your money and don´t waste time.

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